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Showing Jesus to my world!

A question everyone asks at some point in their life is, Why am I here? We all have hopes, dreams, and desires to succeed in the many areas of our life. One thing that Jesus said was that He came to give life and His desire for us is to have an abundant life. What is an abundant life? In all the definitions we can come up with in defining what an abundant life is, the Bible tells us that an abundant life starts with a relationship with God and a true relationship with God comes through receiving God's Son Jesus as our Lord and Savior. God desires to be involved in every area of our life because He loves us so much. Wherever we include God in our life, we include abundant life. We have a passion to know the realness of God and His great love in every area of our life, every day.

God's desire is for us is to share His realness in our lives with others. The realness of God can change an individual, a marriage, a family, friendships, our schools, our neighborhoods, our place of work, and our communities. The realness of God is expressed in His love through us to others. The realness of God is shown by loving and serving one another; helping the poor, widows, orphans (spiritually and naturally); healing the brokenhearted; helping people have victory in their life; giving hope to people without hope. The realness of God is for every day as we live in a real relationship with Him. God is all powerful and He continues to show His miraculous loving power by touching the lives of those who will let Him. We desire to make His realness known to all.