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On behalf of the Marion Christian Center Family, we want to
 celebrate with you on this new season of life! As a church, we are here to serve and guide you and your fiancé toward your wedding day, but also know that long after the Big Day we will do everything we can to support and sustain this healthy relationship. We've answered some questions here just to give you an overview of our process when it comes to premarital counseling and wedding planning. Our Pastors are available to answer any questions that might not be answered on this page by simply emailing or calling.


Common Questions

How many sessions will we need to plan for?

At MCC, we do 6 sessions (usually 2 weeks apart).

The first session is an informal dinner out where we get to know each other, hear your story and get a glimpse of your background as a couple. At this session you're each given a "Getting Ready for Marriage" workbook with some questions to go over together as a couple.

The following 5 sessions focus on your relationship and identifying any potential gaps that can be filled before being married.

During these 11-12 weeks you'll also be encouraged to think all about the wedding. Any of our Pastors can help you plan specific elements of the ceremony like personal vows, communion, unity candles, unity sand, special readings and/or a prayer of blessing.

My fiancé and I are currently living together, will you still perform our wedding?

That's a great question - the answer is YES! Let's get in touch real soon so we can talk more about that.

We don't have someone to officiate the wedding, can Marion Christian Center help us?

Absolutely! Any of our Pastors would be honored to participate in your BIG DAY! We'll just need to be sure to get the date scheduled and on the calendar.

What topics are covered in the premarital sessions?

We cover all sorts of things. Our "Getting Ready for Marriage" workbook and our discussions together will help couples discover the roots of their beliefs, uncover potential conflict areas, and learn how to successfully work through problems. Couples are also encouraged to make their own covenants in specific areas such as communication, budgeting, sex, having kids, disciplining kids, chores and past relationship wounds that might bring strife into the marriage if not tackled early.

How much does this typically cost?

Premarital counseling is free at MCC! That's because we believe that it can be a huge health booster to all relationships and it's our privilege as the local church. If you have a wedding budget that allows for the cost of the Workbooks (around $30) that would be great. Should you decide to use our MCC Campus for your wedding, there will be some fees, based upon the scope of your needs.